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Cloud Dictation has the lowest price and the highest quality Toll Free Dial In Dictation system in the world. Our cloud-based, phone dictation servers are available 24/7.

We provide voice capture solutions around the globe. Transcription companies, Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance Agents are just some of our Happy Cloud Dictation Customers.

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Why Us ?

"Same as your current Dial In
system, only less expensive..."

  • Unbeatable Price
  • Free CLOUDftp
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Data Storage
  • No Monthly Minimum
  • No Setup Cost

How It Works ?

Cloud Dictation lets you dictate from any phone!

Let our powerful phone dictation servers go to work for YOU. Record, replay and manage files with a press of your telephone keypad.

We make telephone dictation easy by automatically routing completed recordings to your typist via Email or our CLOUDftp

Voice Recogntion

Cloud Dictation has partnered with a leading Machine Learning company to provide a state of the art Voice Recogntion system.

Rapid Text powered by Rekha Tech can convert your audio into text.

The system was designed for MTSO's in order to decrease their costs and make you more competitive globally.


We know you want to transcribe, not worry about voice capture. You no longer need to buy expensive servers, software or handheld recorders.

Cloud Dictation can save you 50%.

Forget old equipment. Forget IT costs. It is time to move to the cloud.

For Starters

Are you a doctor tired of your hand-held recorder, or an MT looking for a way to receive audio files in efficiently without paying a bundle?

Cloud Dictation gives you the power of a major dial in dictation platform with no added costs. You can route your audio files to anyone around the globe using our system.

Cloud Dictation helps streamline business.

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