What is Cloud Dictation ?

Cloud Dictation is an advance voice capture solution. Our system allows anyone to record all their important dictations by calling our Toll Free Number. Voice files are automatically routed to you or your typist via our advanced file routing system. We do not provide transcription.

Are you guys nuts? Other companies charge 2 or 3 times as much!

People tend to think we are crazy for almost giving away our product. We are not! Cloud Dictation has partnered with some of the most technologically advance Telco Carriers and software designers to bring you the highest quality audio at the lowest prices.

Can USERS call from any phone ?

Yes! You can call from any phone: Cell Phones, Landlines, Satellite Phones, VoIP. We place no restrictions on incoming calls. Call restricting companies are only trying to increase their profits and your costs. We operate under a customer friendly business model.

Will Cloud Dictation eliminate my costly phone lines ?

Yes! Cloud Dictation is meant to completely eliminate your expensive roll over lines. You no longer need to hassle with Telco providers. Save 50% Today.

Will your software work with my existing system ?

Yes! If you prefer to keep your Dictaphone, Voice Solutions or any other proprietary system, you simply download/import voice files directly and continue to operate as usual. Cloud Dictation simply eliminates the huge expense of roll over phone lines! Use in conjunction with, or completely replace your dial-in servers. It's up to you!

Can Cloud Dictation replace my dictation servers ?

Yes. Cloud Dictation is your server in the sky. We are all-inclusive and are available 24/7. You can monitor all incoming dictations and run your business from anywhere via our web-app or CLOUDftp!

What voice file formats does Cloud Dictation provide ?

We provide high quality and highly compressed MP3 files. You have the option of choosing between DSS, MP3 or .Wav if you use our CD500 or CD100 server.

How many callers can I have at one time ?

Both our front end technology (Telco Partners) and our back end technology (dial in dictation software) can support an unlimited concurrent callers.

How long are all my files available on my CLOUDftp ?

Voice Files are maintained based on your particular plan. Please see our pricing page for details.

How long does it take to activate an account after I sign up ?

Single user accounts are activated almost instantly. Check your SPAM or contact tech@clouddictation.com if you do not receive an activation email with-in 24 hours. We want you to be able to cancel your expensive phone lines or dictation service as soon as possible.

What happens if I accidentally delete a file?

Occasionally, one just gets away from anyone. We perform around the clock back-ups on all our servers and data to maintain multiple copies of all your data. If a file is misplaced or deleted by you or your team, email tech@clouddictation.com and we will do everything we can to help you recover your missing file.

How am I billed ?

We bill monthly (sometimes bi-monthly based on account size) via credit card.

My doctors have several offices; can they direct the files they generate ?

We have options available for the Doctors to create additional tags, i.e. multiple offices, etc. Please include this information during your account set up.

What FTP programs work best with Cloud Dictation ?

There are many FTP programs on the market. We prefer to work with Core FTP and Filezilla Both programs are HIPAA compliant and free to download. They work well with our secure SFTP site which encrypts all data transfers

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